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Last NameFirst NameState/CountryIn Honor/Memory OfDate Contributed
Wang Aiping Shao & Jiang Jun OH, USA Jiang Jun Wang, Founder and President of the Foundation for Chinese Cultural & Educational Exchanges in USA 7/28/2012
Tang Yula TX, USA 5/18/2008
Stillman Diana TX, USA In honor of my nephew Steven on his birthday 5/19/2008
Kapp Robert WA, USA Dr. George Chang'an Deng, Chengdu 5/14/2008
Howatt Hunter CA, USA Michaeleen Mary Jane Howatt 5/17/2008
Edelson Dalgis FL, USA My father 5/22/2008
Deley John ME, USA Shen MingGe 5/15/2008
Chiang Timonthy TX, USA My grandpa 5/15/2008
Chaffin Robert & Yan TX, USA for library in Changping Village Central school, Lei Yang City, Huan Province China 1/14/2010
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