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Chinese Philanthropy Global Partnership participated at the local Chinese community fundraising event to support the 2013 Sichuan Earthquake Relief effort on April 27, 2013 at  the Houston Chinese Civic Center.


Mr. Bjorn Lindgren (3rd from right) , Chairman of boardand  Beverly Lindgren (1st from right), CFO of the Chinese Philanthropy Global Partnership Inc. presented donation check to the event organizers, Yuxiang Guo (4th from the left), Chairman of the Chinese Civic Center and Wei Lee, (3rd  from left), Chairman of the South Chinese News Group at the Fundraising event.


2013427日,《捐赠中国慈善基金会》董事长林恩熊先生(右3)和财务长林白莉女士(右1)在休士顿中国人活动中心举办的《4.12 四川地震赈灾义演》中捐款,并与义演演员和募款活动主办单位负责人合影。


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2008 China Charity National Conference and a China's new development in Charitable Sector
> CPhGP's Officers visited the China Charity Federation on August 19th 2008, during their trip to the 2008 Beijing Olympic

Charity knows no boundaries
Grace Li, President and CEO of Chinese Philanthropy Global Partnership Inc., interviewed by CCTV on June 2, 2008

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