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CPhGP's Officers visited the China Charity Federation on August 19th 2008, during their trip to the 2008 Beijing Olympic

Grace Li, President of Chinese Philanthropy Global Partnership Inc. (GivingChina.org), Bjorn Lindgren, Board Chairman and his family visited the China Charity Federation (CCF) headquarters in Beijing. In a meet with CCF President Bao Jun Fan, Bjorn and Grace Introduced CPhGP's mission, goals and fund raising efforts to support 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Relief. President Fan introduced CCF, one of the largest independent charitable organizations in China with over 250 membership Charitable Associations nationwide, its history, new development and charitable goals. Mr. Fan thanked CPhGP for its important effort in bridging overseas donors and charitable projects in China. He appreciated our donors' caring and generosity to support the earthquake relief efforts in Sichuan and assured us that 100% of our donation will be used for rebuilding lives in the Sichuan Earthquake areas. Both sides would like to build long term partnership to help overseas donors fulfill their charitable goals in China and to help with the development of a modern philanthropy system in China.

After the meeting, a check presentation ceremony was held in the CCF conference room.

Photo 1, Check presentation, left to right: Bjorn Lindgren, Board Chairman of CPhGP, Beverly Lindgren, CFO of CPhGP, Grace Li, President of CPhGP and Mr. Bao Jun Fan, President of CCF.

Photo 2. Certificate presentation, left to right: Grace Li, Bjorn Lindgren, Bao Jun Fan

Photo 3. Awards ceremony, Left to right: Grace, Bjorn, Bao Jun Fan and Beverly

Photo 4. Grace Li with students at a Hope School in China